your transformation

Well, Enough about me …
now, it’s about you!

Infact, from here on in, it’s all about YOU!

It starts with a planning session, to discover what it is YOU need. At the free consultation, either in person or online, I then help YOU discover YOUR true vision and together we transform it by capturing YOUR passion, ultimately revealing the essence of YOU. YOUR family. YOUR life. It’s about YOU!

We will discuss the best location to suit YOUR needs. Then I’ll know exactly what I’m going to capture, which ultimately gives YOU the best experience and the best results!


Isaac and his best friend Shadow
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Typically a week after the session, we will get together at my home office for the reveal and ordering session. This is where you will see the photos from the session for the first time via a slideshow, cry a little tear (yes, it’s ok to cry and I’ll have tissues ready) and then select which carefully edited images you want to order.

I have various samples of coffee table books, custom framed artwork to large canvases and photo boards to choose from. You might want a beautiful, archival framed print for your living room wall but Grandma might want a coffee table book – so there are lots of options to suit everyone. I also have a unique service for digital files which allows you to share your favourite images with family and friends or social media really easily.

Once you have decided on your order and the invoice is paid, your order will be placed with my carefully selected suppliers who have been chosen for true colour representation and quality. This can take up to two weeks. Then I will schedule a day to deliver and even install your artwork should you prefer. The photos look incredible, and seeing clients’ faces when they first see their photos as they should be seen – well, let’s just say, I’ve been known to shed a tear or two also.


Photos aren’t expensive, experience is. No amount of money can buy skill and talent. Taking a portrait is a combination of expensive equipment, training and time. Anyone can take a picture, but a professional brings it to life through many avenues.

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re getting an artist who knows just how to light the shot, how to pose, how to set up the photo. You’re getting a photograph that, because it was taken with a professional camera and not your smartphone camera, can be reprinted onto a large canvas.

My Family Tree Packages start at $750, my photo sessions start at $300 for the session only, and archival prints start at $150. On average my clients typically spend anywhere between $700 to $2000 or more.

For commercial pricing, depending on the scope of the project I offer hourly rates, half day rates and full day rates and will quote accordingly. I provide a fast, responsive and competitive photography service across the Province.

To discuss your photographic needs, or to find out more…..