“It’s NOT about seducing men – it’s about embracing womanhood!”
Dita Von Teese

So you’re wondering what exactly is a ‘Just Because YOU’RE Fabulous’ photo session?

Well, I’ll start by quoting some of the words I’ve often heard being used by my clients when describing their experience – “exhilarating”, “liberating” and “empowering!”

Can you remember when that inner spark used to flame your passion, your drive, your confidence…. wouldn’t it be great if you could reignite it again? And then create something that commemorates who you are as a person?

Well, I hear you and I’ve got you – because I believe all women ARE fabulous!

Through my transformative photo sessions, I have helped many women realise that they’ve still got IT! Not only have I helped them reclaim their Fabulousness but also helped them to re-awaken their gorgeous spirit! It truly brings me SO MUCH joy revealing the true beauty and confidence to my clients.

OK, OK, so it’s not that simple, I get it!
But I do all the hardwork – all I ask from you is that you put your trust in me and my talent and together we can create images that are fabulously you!


“Life is short, live bold! Be heard, be you, dream big, take risks, don’t wait”. – unknown


Quotation Mark

“Connecting with you and preparing for the ‘Just Because’ photo session was exhilarating and a bit scary. However, your easy manner and professionalism inspired me. The entire experience was a welcome escape from the stress and anxiety of just coping in today’s changing world. As well, I was preparing myself for a monumental milestone; I was turning 75 years old on March 3rd 2021…

I was thrilled when I saw the results of the photographs, I felt humble, astonished and delighted. You succeeded in capturing “the real me” not just the visual but who I am deep within my soul. Beauty, true beauty, comes from within. Making the investment to discover this is an important experience that we, as women, often deny ourselves.

It takes a very special Person/Photographer to capture our inner feelings and spirit. Bridget you succeeded in so many ways. Your authentic passion and professionalism captured my emotions and allowed me to blossom throughout the day.”

– Madonna Spinazola

Quotation Mark