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I’m fortunate enough to be connected to many amazing women in my life and thanks to my work, I have captured both their beauty and their inner fire.

More often than not, a photo session with me is more than just an experience. It’s one in which my female clients get to reconnect with themselves, sometimes a part of themselves they haven’t seen for a long time. Sometimes it’s a part of themselves they’ve never dared show and it’s almost euphoric when it reveals itself. I tell you, my job is both a privilige and a blessing and I wouldn’t swap it for the world!

So I say to you amazing women out there – especially those who have trusted me with your vulnerability, Thank you! Thank YOU!  Thank You for trusting me in the process and for allowing yourselves to spread your wings and show your inner beauty. You Rock!!!

I wish I could show you all of the wonderful women I have worked with, however, in the meantime – take a look at these inspiring women….


Amber Anderson: I first met Amber in early 2021, having moved to Nova Scotia just 6 months before from Ontario. Amber is a former equestrian centre owner and operator and was also a school teacher for a decade, before moving here and becoming a Realtor.

We instantly connected, not just because of her easy going personality but because of our shared love of animals – two of which met me at the front door – her majestic Irish Wolfhounds.

Amber has a glow and ease about her that radiates and draws you in. Our photo session was to create a selection of headshots for both her new role as a Realtor but also for social media and for herself. Not only was she a pleasure to work with but we became firm friends by the end of the day.

The vibrant and beautiful Amber Anderson of Viewpoint Realty

Fun Fact: apart from owning two horses and dogs, Amber also has menagerie of birds including a couple of beautiful peacocks.

Amber and her two Irish Wolfhounds

Bernice Williams: I met Bernice through various online courses I attended and participated in during the first wave of the pandemic and gradually we built a very strong friendship and connection. And there lies Bernice’s natural talent – connecting people. She is so good at it that it’s effortless for her to bring people together to enhance their lives, either professionally or personally.




Side view of house on the shore of Sherbrooke Lake

Having worked with Bernice on a few projects I can honestly say that my life is better for having her in it and I loved capturing her natural joy and goofiness!


Bernice Williams showing her goofy side in her Red rubber boots and a red umbrella

Sherry Prall and I met through her husband after he had asked me to capture their family portrait. Little did I know that the family included her two horses and their beautiful black Labrador.  It was late Fall and we had to change the dates a few times due to rain or wind. When we finally got together, Sherry had picked out this beautiful spot to showcase her babies. Her love of her horses was oozing out of her as you can see with the last picture 




Balcony with view of Sherbrooke Lake
Sheree Prall showing her absolute devotion to one of her horses

Angela Mailman: The first thing I noticed about Angela when I met her was her infectious laugh. Our photo session was such a joy that my sides hurt so much from all the laughter. Her open spirit and the instant trust she put in me to capture her character was a blessing. Sometimes you only need to meet someone once to have them make an impact on your life and that was Angela. As a real estate agent for Viewpoint, she will bring honesty, integrity and diligence to make your real estate experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Angela Mailman - Realtor for Viewpoint, headshots at Harriet Irving Centre, Wolfville, NS
A more relaxed looking Angela Mailman-Reaeltyor

As well as corporate headshots, I also create portfolios for aspiring models and actors to showcase their looks and talent.  Below are a three young ladies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are added to my list because of their beautiful soles and personalities and as ‘ones to watch’ for the future.

Ella Hicks: Ella and I met when she was just 16 and breaking out. Last year she was awarded the Best Youth Actress by the Berlin Art Film Festival 2021 for her role in a short film “Five Pounds of Pressure”, along with other accolades. Definitly one to watch!

Ella Hicks lining against a wall looking cool and chic

Heidi Wheeler: Heidi although only 18, has an old soul quality about her and a look I would definitly describe as both classic and fragile at the same time. An aspiring model with a great future ahead of her.

Heidi Wheeler - Model 2022

Willow Lewis-Taylor. We met when she too was 16 and as a Christmas present, her parents purchased a portfolio session with me. I don’t know what it is about this shot that grabs me – maybe because Willow makes it look effortless, but this image is one of my favourite shots of our whole session and I use this a lot to show other aspiring models what can be achieved when you dig deep and find your inner essence.

Willow Lewis-Taylor - An aspiring TV actress

Madonna Spinazola: I know, I know – but Madonna broke the mold here! She has the effortless energy of youth and a main of hair I would die for – but she also has a timeless beauty that I couldn’t ignore. At our photo session, we sang to music, we danced, we had fun and Madonna gave me that magic spark that energised us both. So I end this blog here with my favourite 75yr old model who showed me what it is to let her inner flame ignite and shine bright!! Thank you Madonna!

Beautiful and youthful 75 yr old female, Just Because You're Fabulous photography

With hugs and love to all my ladies – keep on empowering me, yourselves and each other!