T’was weeks before Christmas and Santa was up, double checking his list of toys with his pup. He has spent every night this week preparing to deliver toys and goodies to all those who have been nice this year. Lighting up every face on Christmas morning with glad tidings and cheer.

Everybody talks about the night before Christmas, but what about the weeks leading up to that big day? Flying across the world in one night to deliver toys is no easy feat. It takes a lot of organization and experience (which Santa has a fair share of by the looks of his grey beard). As he inspects his list by the candlelight, he packs up sacks with a baby doll for Sara and a pair of ice skates for Jason. The list has no shortage of requests ranging from a toy truck to a ski set. Many little boys and girls around the world took their time in writing a letter to Santa and being on their best behaviour all year round to get the toy of their dreams.

How has Santa been able to make it through these long nights of packing and travel? With his favourite treat of cookies and warm milk, made by none other than the kind-hearted Mrs. Clause. He keeps a photo of her on his desk and the smile on her face is the very thing that propels his sleigh around the globe. It comforts him knowing that she is always close, even when she cannot physically be there.

Santa has always made little children’s dreams come true, but Shelley Acker has found a way to make her “little” dreams come true. From a very young age, Shelley was always fascinated with miniature objects and found she had the talent to manipulate them in ways others around her couldn’t. After years spent in the big corporate business world, one day she decided to scale down. A 1 to 12 scale to be exact. Freedom Miniatures is the name of her workshop where she is making giant moves. Located in Kentville, this workshop is the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada. It is in this workshop, that she made this Christmas scene of Santa – down to the sugar on the gingerbread cookies and the hidden stocking storage in his study.


Stay tuned to the blog in the upcoming weeks to learn more about Shelley and see her various Freedom Miniatures sets, which I had the pleasure of capturing for her website.

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing any of her amazing creations, check out Shelley’s incredible store located at 45 Webster Street, Kentville, NS, in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley. There you will find miniature products and passionate staff, ready to assist you with your Christmas shopping or with your Miniature Hobby needs!