Behind the doors of this amazing property in Sherbrooke Lake, hides a veritable treat of memories from foreign lands that make this house a home for our client. My good friend Al, of ‘Al Foster Curated Interiors’ and I drove down to the South Shore to take photos of the property. The team at Annapolis Valley Real Estate Group for Mackay Real Estate hired us to:
a) get stunning images of the property and b) help their client show it off to its best ability.

Back view of Sherbrooke Lake property
Balcony with view of Sherbrooke Lake
Sherbrooke Lake Property side view
Side view of house on the shore of Sherbrooke Lake

The house itself is solidly made with careful thought for layout and how best to enjoy the stunning views of Sherbrooke Lake, so of course we knew it would sell. However, sometimes home buyers cannot see past the current interior design or imagine themselves in the home, so it needed a little help.

Working with a curated stager was a first for me, but Al and I just synced when it came to the challenge. We both have a love of antiquities and furniture that tells a story and Al has an amazing eye for seeing how we could pull things together.

What we didn’t realize was what a treasure trove of interesting items the home owner had collected over the years. Al’s eye’s lit up with glee like a kid in a candy store and the two of us set to work.

dining room of Sherbrooke Lake property
Living room of Sherbrooke Lake property with vintage furniture

By pulling the homeowners beautiful collection of artifacts and treasured memories out of cupboards and display cabinets, we were able to tell her story and still offer viewers a way of putting themselves in this delightful home. Take a look for yourselves….

Outdoor deck with a view of Sherbrooke Lake
Wooden kitchen of Sherbrooke Lake property

Fun Fact – there was a dartboard hidden in one of the furniture items – can you guess which one?