Have you ever heard of Haskap Berries? – No, nor had I until last year when I stumbled upon them at a local Farmers Market. In that moment, I discovered how amazingly tasty and nutritious they are. To this day, I always keep a jar of preserves in my fridge.


Haskap Highland Berries-Product selection of preserves and sauce

How lucky was I then to be approached by Haskap Highland Orchards to take photos for their new website. 

Here’s a little information about this most amazing berry…

Haskap Highland Berries-Product image of a bag of dried haskap berries

Haskap berries are the ultimate fusion of flavor and nutrition. We’re talking about an exquisite blend of sweet blueberry, tangy raspberry and rich black currant flavours—with a deep purply-blue colour for added appeal!

Haskap Highland Berries-Breakfast on the terrace. A delicious kaskap berry smoothie with a cream cheese bagel covered in haskap preserve

Haskap has few equals in the health food aisle. Haskap delivers higher contents of calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium than blueberries, oranges, grapes and apples. Plus, one 100g serving has double the Vitamin A and more Vitamin C than an orange!

Haskap Highland Berries-Recipe ideas: dried berries on top of a jar of creamy breakfast oats

Haskap berries have long been at the staple of nutritional health in Japan, a country well known for its low rate of degenerative diseases. When the Japanese diet was closely examined, scientists found the source, an antioxidant, more specifically the anthocyanin, C3G, found in abundance in the Haskap berry.

Haskap Highland Berries-Hot Pepper preserve with a delicious charcuterie board

As one of the highest antioxidant foods grown in Canada, Haskap appeals to health-conscious consumers. The versatility of these berries are unmatched! They can be used in literally every meal, from a nutritious breakfast smoothie to a dipping sauce for savory meatballs at dinner. Haskap products can complement your next culinary creation!

Man eating meatball dipped in Haskap Berry Preserve
Haskap Highland Berries-Haskap sauce drizzled over a chunk of brie

Farmer co-founders, Charles Clerk, Elaine Eaton & Dennis Stosky have developed these products to market their Haskap berries, of which, they have a rich and healthy supply grown right here in Nova Scotia.

Check out their website: Haskap Highland Orchards-Preserves, Juice and Dried Berries!