In our world today, everyone is a photographer. The majority of us have at our fingertips access to capturing snapshots in time with our smartphones and tablets, never mind the myriad of cameras out there. However, the difference between someone who can capture a picture, and someone who can produce something magical in that picture is called ‘having an artistic eye’. I’m often asked by people ‘Oh you must have a really good camera – what do you use?’ and I smile and say ‘Oh, just a Canon’.

But it’s not just about the equipment, it’s about what I see and how I interpret the final image. Yes it’s true, editing can make any photo look better and the power of photoshop can take years off a person, but not everyone has ‘an artistic eye’. In all honesty, when you go to a top restaurant and have a delicious culinary experience, would you ask the chef what utensils he used? No – of course you wouldn’t. Why? Because you know that to become a great chef, they would have studied extremely hard to hone their skills over time to get to where they are today. When you are eating the delicious food, not once do you question how it was prepared (unless of course you’re a true foodie and you really want to learn, just like my husband does 😆).

Here’s a few examples on how I make the ordinary look magical using the right light, the right angle and with my knowledge of photography and editing, create extraordinary final images ….